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Cooking videos in here
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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

"Easy Gobi Paratha Recipe"

serve with yogurt and pickle

i make these parathas in 2 ways,1 is grating the cauliflower adding spices and stuffing them raw and
the 2nd is cooking them on the pan then stuffing them..both are equally good..
for today's recipe
 i used
cauliflower cut fine
green chili
cumin seeds
red chili
chaat masala
turmeric pwd
chili flakes
ginger grated..saute all this then add the gobi and cook till dry..
allow to cool then stuff...
See other paratha recipes here for step by step pics >
 TIP> make sure the stuffing and the dough ball is equal in proportion,by doing this you will get maximum flavour of the the below pic you can see how thin the top layer is,thats what we need !

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