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Cooking videos in here
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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Puff Pastry Chicken Puffs | Puff Pastry Chicken Recipes | Tasty Chicken Puffs with Puff Pastry

Ohh my god these Homemade Chicken Puffs seriously blew me away,its scrumptious and they tasted store brought.I always wanted to try veggie and meat puffs at home and i'm so glad i did.

This recipe is also great for people who wonder What to do with Puff Pastry Sheets?
This one is a must try for sure...

perfect puffs,its a no fail recipe trust me !

Start by making white sauce,if your lazy and dont feel like get it from the store..and in case you cant do both,use cheese which is melted,it will still taste good dont worry !! 

now keep the white sauce away,let it get solid...

for the filling-
boiled chicken cut in cubes(add salt)
mix veg boiled with salt and pepper
pizza herbs 1 tsp
garlic pwd

Puff pastry sheet

Oke lets start !
saute the mix veg with the garlic pwd and pizza herbs for a min in olive oil,then toss the chicken in
cook for 2 min,till everything is well combined.

then cool for 10 min,now mix the white sauce with the chicken and must look thick and mushy
now its time to bake..preheat oven for 10 min on 200

take a pastry sheet and roll out a bit,place the filling in the middle and press the edges,you can make any shape you want,i just make the simple triangle shape...

brush with a mix of egg and water and bake on 200 for 25 min..and now your done !!
You will not miss going to the bakery to eat a puff again ..I wont !

looks ok?

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