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Cooking videos in here
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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

White Fish Cakes | Korean Fish Cakes | Korean Fish Recipes

Fish cakes ,noodle salad and soup is another one of my fave tv dinner,these Korean Style Fish Cakes are so easy to make and the taste is outstanding...Here goes the recipe.

Please note- after cleaning and chopping fish make sure to disinfect the counter and chopping board with hot water and soap..bleach is also great especially while handling chicken !

serve hot with chili sauce

we need-
half an onion
garlic cloves
lots of spring onion
carrot a small piece
green chili
bread crumbs
2 tsp flour
pepper to taste

white fish,any kind will do

step 1-blend the fish,onion,carrot,salt till you get a smooth paste(add a little water)
Step2- mix in the chili,green onion,pepper,flour and bread crumbs
let it marinate for 10 min,then shallow fry till brown and cooked

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