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Cooking videos in here
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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Kerala Style Butter Milk (white moru curry)

Most of us South Indians have one common comfort food,curd-rice and pickle and it is something i'm sure we cant ever get over..
In case your have not tried a spicy version of the curd rice then give this recipe a try !!
As this is a buttermilk dish it has to be eaten in a bowl along with rice,lightly mashed with a spoon with papad on the side,its comfort food at its best !!!

looks ok?
Butter Milk is called Moru in Kerala,and usually it is made with a ground coconut paste.
This is another version without coconut and turmeric.
for the tempering
whole pepper corns
roasted cumin and coriander pwd to taste
grated ginger

1 cup or more butter milk with salt added

saute all the spices for less than a min and add butter milk..shut off the flame immediately
Serve warm...
This can be eaten with rice or just sipped as a warm drink !!

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