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Cooking videos in here
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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Shahi Mix Veg Kadai / Karahi | Mix Veg in White Gravy

Shahi Gravy can be made with dry fruits,cream,milk and lots of ghee or butter..I say why not, if eaten in moderation..What say???....There are 2 ways i make a shahi gravy,1 is where i go all the way making the gravy luscious with butter and double cream,and trust me its to die for...version 2 is where i get almost the same taste but not the same texture as i  leave out the cream so its a dry mix veg sabzi..Its a mild and creamy dish and perfect for days when you wana skip the usual masalas...
Today i made Shahi Gravy version 2..Do Give it a try !

onion and cumin seeds-make a paste
soak cashews for 1 hr then blend with milk for a fine paste

add ghee and add in 1 bay leaf and cardamom pods,green chili to taste
then add in onion and cumin paste and cook till light brown
after its cooked add 1 tsp mix veg masala

now its time to add in the cashew paste,cook on a low heat

now its time to add in salt and 1/2 cup water or milk

i have used potato,green peas and paneer today..
first boil green peas and potato with some red chili and salt added to the water
after the peas and potato is cooked add in paneer and drain
T.i.p- never over boil paneer

back to our gravy after adding the milk this is how it looks,i cooked it for 5 min

add in the mix veg and cook covered for 5/7min

finally add butter and garnish with kasuri methi

serve with garlic naan..
 This dish is also called Shahi Kadai or White Gravy Kadai

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