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Cooking videos in here
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Friday, 2 September 2011

Matar Kulcha Recipe - How to make kulcha

Peas kulchas can be eaten as a complete meal,just onions and tomatoes on the side is all you need to enjoy this dish ! For those who do not enjoy rolling out parathas or rotis this can be a blessing as the shape is never perfect... a nice change as we use our fingers to form the kulcha !
serve with white butter on top
lets cook !
for the peas stuffing
boil peas then blend to form a paste..
in a pan saute,garlic,cumin seeds,green chili in oil and add salt
add the paste and cook for 5 min

let the paste cool down

make a dough,i added some fenugreek leaves
you make leave it out if you want

roll out he dough and add in some peas mix in the center
secure from both sides and press with fingers

use fingers to form a circle...leave it thick..not too thin

dont worry if the shape is not a perfect circle
kulchas are always uneven

cook on direct heat for a tandoor flavour

serve hot !

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