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Cooking videos in here
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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Easy Combo Fried Rice | Chinese Combo Fried Rice

Do you like rice? noodles? chinese? yeh?  then this dish is just for you...

Rice and Noodles mixed and made a bit like chow mein is my Fav ,mostly on week ends,really late !

Try this amazing and easy Combo Fried Rice Recipe,your gona love it !

not a great pic,was 2 am..

you like?

spring onions
celery (not to miss)

rice cooked few hrs before

ginger/garlic/green chili paste
mix veg (optional)

only 2 sauces for this dish
sweet and sour

chicken sausages (optional)

saute the everything listed above,except the sauces
cook for a good 10/15 min~add 1 pinch sugar (not to miss)
if you like veggies crunchy cook 5/7 min

mix,the rice and noodles with half the spring onion,1 small tsp oil  and salt

after the veggies and sausages are cooked
mix the 2 sauces in a bowl then pour,its always better like this
also check for salt,dont add too much,its added to the rice mix remember ~

add the rice and noodles and gently mix
add the spring onions

combo rice and noodles is ready !
 This recipe is totally restaurant style and you will love it.

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