Cooking videos in here

Cooking videos in here
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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Restaurant Style Alu Bahar - Potatos In A Fried Onion Sauce

This dish has a semi dry gravy and goes best with roti,i'm sure the name bahar would make you think its a very rich dish,well its not. You can add in cream, ghee or butter to transform it totally,but honestly except for the richness the taste will stay the same.So follow this recipe and take your alu sabzi to another level...

looks ok?

you need
1 onion
curry paste- 1tsp pinch each~red chili,pepper,turmeric,cardamom pwd,garam masala and bay leaf.Blend all this with 3/4 cashews.
potatoes cut in big chunks

cut potatoes and keep in water until cooking

saute onion and cumin

let the onions cook slowly till then are a bit brown

add the potatoes and the curry paste,saute for 5 min,also add salt
after 5 min cover with a lid and cook till done

garnish with coriander leaves
and then your done !

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