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Cooking videos in here
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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Kerala Style Egg Stew (Low Fat ) | Low Fat Egg Stew

 Oh my god another recipe dedicated to my mama...and this one is nothing like hers' after all she's the master of Chicken and Egg Stew.

Again mine is the baby version of her recipe,and Low Cal !

Usually it is made with chicken but I'm using egg for a change.

This Kerala Style Egg Stew is very delicate in flavour ,so it is a big change from the usual heavy duty masala we use.It is a very Famous Kerala Recipe and a dish which people love.

Egg Stew is eaten mostly for breakfast and served with Palappam which is mostly called just Appam.
I have the recipe for Palappam do check it out.

My Egg Stew is the low cal version and honestly i did not feel any change of taste.
So check out the Easy Recipe for Kerala Style Egg Stew

looks ok?
just a few things needed...
green chili to taste
curry leaves
coconut milk (thick)
mix veg(carrots,beans potato) OPTIONAL

for tempering

in ghee,lightly saute onion green chili & ginger/garlic

also add veggies ~salt and saute till onions are transparent
after 5 min add 1/2 cup water and then boil
the pic above shows how soft the onions got after boling

after veggies are cooked,add coconut milk
boil 10 min on low heat and add eggs

temper the spices in ghee Only
onions must be brown

mix it in the gravy,cover 5/7 min before serving

Awesome over steamed rice
appams or bread ! mmmmmm

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