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Cooking videos in here
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Monday, 19 September 2011

Sukha Kala Chana with no Onion / Garlic | Sukha Kala Chana with Puri / Poori

Making No Onion / Garlic Dry Chana takes less than 10 min.
Just a few dry spices and your done ! This can be eaten duing Festivals for breakfast,with halwa on the side ! Mostly it is served after Fasting as a Prasad.
So check out my way of making Tasty Kala Sukha Chana Masala without Onion / Garlic.

                           Soak the brown chana overnight and pressure cook the next day with salt and turmeric
                                                       Spices needed for Kala Chana Masala
cumin pwd
red chili pwd
chaat masala
pepper pwd
black salt
in a pan,add oil and saute green chili cut in half
then add all the spice pwds,dont burn them,keep an eye on it
after a few seconds add the boiled chana and allow to coat,add few drops of water and cook 5 min
dry it completely !

serve hot with puri

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