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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Wheat Biscuits with Jaggery - Gur Ki Bhakri

Most of you know the benefits of jaggery,its any day better than sugar and so good for your health with the iron content they have...not to forget black sesame seeds which is the healthier version of white sesame seeds as they have a lot more calcium and is also is a rich source of minerals and vitamins.

I make these Wheat Bhakris at least once a week to get  all the benefits from jaggery and sesame seeds.
So say goodbye to the store brought biscuits and snacks and make something healthy for your family.
Recipe for Home made SugarlessWheat Biscuits a try !

i make them small so they look cute
and i also make them crispy,they taste so good like that

great to snack on!

jaggery ,depends on how sweet you want it

1 cup wheat flour
3 tsp ghee
1 or 2 tsp black sesame seeds

melt the jaggery in the microwave or gas stove
then mix in water to dissolve ,also add cardomom pwd (optional)

mix the flour with the ghee before you add the jaggery water
your bhakri will be nice and crispy like a biscuit if you do this step

add the jaggery water and make a firm dough
let this rest 15/20 min

make big or small bhakris adding ghee when you cook it
do not cover them,let them rest after cooking or else they get soft
~cover them once they are cool and store for a day or 2
These Jaggery Wheat Biscuits are any day better than the store brought biscuits so do try them.

biscuit or bhakri? wot you think?
Hope you like these Wheat Biscuits and give them a try some day.


  1. New dish and looks yummy. Thx for linking. Could you also add the links to the event announcement? Thx.

    Event: Kid's Delight
    Event: Only Vegan
    Event: Zucchini

  2. easy no baking buiscuits. happy to follow you.

    Mystyle of Recipes


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