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Saturday, 3 September 2011

Creamy Custard Recipe | Secret Tip for making Custard

Have you ever wondered how to make creamy and thick custard? Well this recipe is the basic way to make custard, not from scratch of course,i'm using custard powder.

I like custard to be thick,creamy,lump free and very smooth,and to make custard get that luscious feel i add something to it...Read on to find out what it is !

 Here's the recipe for making Creamy Custard
1 large cup milk..large cup = approx 2 regular tea cups
1/4 cup sugar
3 tsp custard pwd ( im using vanilla)

now secret ingredient ----
It is butter, to make custard all the more creamy and tasty..
1 tsp is all you need..(dont tell any one)
lets start !
first mix in the custard pwd and half cup of milk

boil the rest of the milk
when you see bubbles mix in sugar

remove from heat and mix in the custard mix

after mixing the custard mix..put it back on heat...then add in butter
and remove from flame once its thick
let the custard cool...see how creamy it looks !
TIP- before you leave custard to cool,put a cling wrap on top of it so
a thick skin dosent form on top !

For fruit custard always keep it simple...
classic custard never has exotic fruits !
today im using only banana and mango !

cut fruits and place in a serving bowl and pour the creamy custard on top

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