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Cooking videos in here
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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Easiest Chicken Pulao in 20 min | Chicken and Rice

This is the easiest pulao you can cook up~ lovely flavour and it seems like its been cooked for so much longer but honestly 20 min is all you need !

Chicken Pulao without no ginger/garlic no corriander leaves,and no food dont think its pulao right? but it sure is !
so try it to believe it !

nothing fancy,but awsome tasting

 you need
long grain rice ,soaked 20 min then cooked till 80 % the rice water add salt and 1 tsp ghee
butter for topping
fried onions
rose water
biryani masala (i dint find pulao masala)
use a pressure cooker to cook the chicken
saute onion(2 big) in ghee and add tomato,also salt,pepper,red chili and garam masala
add chicken and cook 5 min...this masala must be full of yummy flavours...

brown onions and keep aside

get any biryani masala and add half packet to the chicken( if u get pulao masala add that)
add more if you want !

add in 4 tsp of yogurt to the chicken masala ,this helps the chicken to get soft while cooking

do not add water,the yogurt makes it get a bit of gravy
pressure cook for 3 whistles..
when you remove the lid the chicken will be cooked
all this will take 15 min to do ..including cooking the chicken

in a microwave rice dish,or any microwave dish
add the chicken

top the chicken with the rice and add few drops of rose water on top

top with fried onions and butter

cover with a lid...everything gets happy when covered

3 min is all you need...
let it stand 2 min before you remove the lid...

Nothing fancy...but you will love the taste ..for sure !

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  1. Hi Mittu,Papiya aunty from Kalyan towers,I am going to try biriyani dishes tomorrow.I always remember our old kitty party days where you &bittu (two little girls)tried awesome pizza &burger.God bless u &ur husband.


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