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Cooking videos in here
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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Chicken Fritters in Gravy | Murg Pakora Curry | Chicken ke Pakore

Chicken mince made into pakoras is the same thing as chicken kofta,the only difference is koftas are made oval or round and this recipe has chicken mince fried in no particular shape...The gravy for this dish can be made in many ways,but this recipe is the basic recipe for a non veg pakora curry...
Do try it !!!

serve with veg pulao

the chicken pakoras were tender and perfect

spice paste
blend-5 garlic,1 inch ginger,3/4cashew 
1tsp red chili pwd,3 cardamom and 1 tsp corriander pwd
half onion

For the chicken pakoras
corriander leaves~salt~green chili 1/ and chaat masala,in a chopper add the chicken mince and the spices till its combined ...then fry the chicken mince masala in oil like pakoras. Keep aside !
                       method for gravy
                             in a pan add 1 tsp butter and oil together,add onions and when half cooked add
                          cumin,saute onions again for2/3min till brown...then add in the spice paste cook till you 
                          get a nice aroma and the oil is seperated,now add salt and 1 pinch sugar along with half 
                         cup water,after this boils and add the chicken pakoras and cook for 5 min covered.
                        Now your finished ! Garnish with corriander leaves and cream(optional)    


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