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Cooking videos in here
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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Prawns in Schezwan Sauce | Schezwan Style Prawns

"Spicy Schezwan Prawns" and egg fried rice is one dish i can eat everyday,i always make extra or order in 1 extra  portion so i eat some the next day too... I prefer having Chinese/Thai  dishes in restaurants that why i have very few Chinese dishes in my blog,today i decided to make some to fill in my blog posts.. 
 here's my way of making this awesome dish !

ohh ya ! it was delish

i'm using large size prawns you can use any size you prefer
spices ~ chili flakes,pepper pwd and lots of garlic
schezwan sauce (store brought)
spring onions
green chili optional

start by marinating prawns with cornflour,salt and pepper for 20 min
Then fry them and keep aside..

for the sauce,saute garlic and chili flakes till garlic turns pink,now add in soy and schezwan sauce cook 3/4min
add 1 pinch sugar and salt..then add in half cup water and boil,now dissolve a tsp or more corn flour in cold water and add it to the gravy,once it looks glossy add the prawns..garnish with spring onions and your done !!

Serve with egg fried rice or veg noodles..Its yummmmmmm


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