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Cooking videos in here
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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Paneer and Capsicum Sabzi | Shimla Mirch Paneer Sabzi

Here is a quick and delicious bell pepper and
cottage cheese dish for lunch or dinner,serve with fulkas and you have a perfect meal.
Keep reading for the recipe.

Biju (the hubby) is not very found of paneer..but when i make this he never complains,its really nice
"if cooked right"...wink !
looks nice eh?

another close up

start by lightly tossing capsicum in a tiny bit of oil>cook 5/7 min


after the capsicum is cooked a bit,remove and in the same pan brown the paneer a bit,you may add a pinch of salt,saute till light keep the capsicum and paneer aside..
Paste 1> onion+2 cashews+cardamom
Paste 2> tomato+green chili+ginger and garlic
Make the pastes as per the quantity you wish to make..

now in butter or ghee temper cumin and kalonji(onion seeds)
then add paste 1 cook till light brown

after the onion is cooked add badshah kitchen king masala,this brand is what i use
you can use any mix masala,also add in salt and 1 tsp sugar

after adding kitchen king pwd add paste 2 and cook till oil separates,make sure the pastes cook on a low

see the colour of the masala? thats what we want
now add in the capsicum and cover for 2/3 min

after 3 min add the paneer,kasuri methi and little water,
you can also add saffron at this point
then cover for 5 min till dry

now your done !

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