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Cooking videos in here
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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Ginger and Garlic Flavoured Rice | Garlic and Ginger Tempered Rice

We are used to having biryanis,pulaos,kichidis,ghee rice,tomato rice and so many other rice varieties right?
But have you ever tasted a ginger/garlic rice before? If not give it a shot..Its damn good,serve it with spicy daal ,onion omelet and your seriously gonna love it..

When ever you serve this it might look like plain rice,but once your family tastes it they will get a big surprise as it is packed with flavour and also the aroma is amazing.

For best results make sure to not brown the garlic and ginger and also this dish tastes best if the garlic and ginger is not made into a fine paste.

Mouthwatering Ginger and Garlic Flavoured Rice

looks like regular steamed rice,but its very flavourful

saute about 5/6 cloves of garlic(more is fine too) with
small piece of ginger,curry leaf and green chili in ghee for 2 min

add in salt cook another not brown the mix
mix in cooked rice and cover so all the flavours are combined

give it a try
It tastes so good.This dish is a hit in my house,hope your family loves it too.

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