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Friday, 15 July 2011

Rich and Creamy Mughlai Chicken | Best Mughlai Chicken Curry Recipe

this chicken curry looks very basic,but the aroma and the texture of the gravy feels like a mughlai gravy...
   now this is called a cheaters chicken curry as after its made ur guests or family might think you spent hours making it,but honestly all u do is a few stirs...and your done...try it to believe it....

The Best Mughlai Chicken Curry
Its now ready to eat....dig in

spices needed
red chilli powder 2 tsp
cinnamon 2 sticks
curry powder  VERY IMP so plz get it
cashew 10 or less
turmeric 1 tsp
pepper half tsp
garam masala 1 tsp (home made is better)

marinate the chicken with turmeric and yogurt overnight
3 to 4 tsp thick cream
half cup yogurt
1 lareg onion( paste)
1 tomato
corriander leaves
ginger /garlic paste 2 tsp
                                        lets begin

add in ginger n garlic paste

onion paste goes next
add all the spices after the onions are sauteed for 5 min

saute this  paste only for 5 min, max 7min  on medium flame

add in the chicken, keep the flame low

after the chicken add in tomatoes cut in big chunks

cashews go next and stir it for 5 min

nothing is made to brown in the pan ,keep it like that
now cover the pan ,low flame even now

open the lid after 15 min,give it a stir,check for the tomatoes  to
completely soften

now add in garam masala,make the flame on high now
and stir for 5 min

add the cream and yogurt and stir another 5 min

your curry should look exactly like this..
texture must be very creamy and your kitchen must smell awsome
if not you gone wrong somewhere...

Its now ready to eat....dig in

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