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Cooking videos in here
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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Easy way to make Palak Paneer | Best Palak Paneer Recipe Ever

Before i start,i'd like to say this is not your regular palak paneer...but after trying this you will realise how easy making palak paneer can get....and yes as this was not a very special meal,i gave the cream a miss..

             you need
a big punch of spinach
garlic 5 cloves
cumin seeds 2 tsp
green chilli 3
onlion 1(paste)
garam masala 1 tsp
cardamom and cinnamon ground
paneer half cup (cubes)
fenugreek leaves (dried) 1 or 2 tsp
sugar 1 tsp
salt 2 tsp
           first you boil the spinach ,garlic and green chilli for 10 min,Do not add too much water....after you boil it..blend  and make it a smooth paste after its a lil cool. In a sauce pan add in butter or oil,add cumin and let it saute for a add onion paste and cook...add the cardamom and cinnamom spice...

cook the onion for 5/7 add in the spinach paste and cook for 5 min..add salt and sugar...

now add in the fenugreek leaves and cook covered for 5 more min...add in paneer and cover it.remove the pan from the flame....let it rest for 10 min covered....serve with cream or butter on top...

tip- for soft and juicy panner in any paneer recipe,always boil the paneer in salt water for 2 min...strain it ...then cook the paneer on a frying pan with a lil oil...NEVER DEEP FRY PANEER...

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