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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Chicken Fry Indian Style | Chicken Fry with Spices | Flavourful Chicken Fry

There are thousands of Chicken Fry Recipes,some take ages to prepare as they have a million spices and pastes for the marination,my recipe has very few and in the end the taste is just the same as the elaborate ones.So why stress making all those masala pastes.

Indian Chicken Fry's have great flavour and they do not have a coating.
But i promise you, you will not miss that extra crisp flour coating.The Chicken gets Crisp with the wonderful spices and the yogurt marination keeps it juicy inside.

For meat which is melt in the mouth a marination for more than 24 hrs is best.
So find out how to make Tasty and Juicy Chicken Fry.

Tip for keeping fried chicken juicy
As soon is as u get Chicken or Mutton from the super market,marinate it in yogurt,salt  and garlic.
Never Ever Add Lemon,you will make the meat tough if you do that.

Here is the Recipe for Chicken Fry with Indian Spices

starter for tv dinner
                                                                       Marination - all spices to your taste

ginger garlic
red chili pwd a lil extra
green chili paste a lil extra
fenugreek leaves
coriander pwd
garam masala
chaat masala
coriander paste
cumin pwd
make a dry paste of all this then mix in thick yogurt and add the chicken in this...
marinate for 48 hrs...and fry

fry 2 or 3 pieces at a time...not more than that

really easy !
              So there now you know the secret of making Flavourful Chicken Fry with Indian Spices

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