Cooking videos in here

Cooking videos in here
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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Sticky Creamy Veggie Rice | Creamy Veg Rice Cooked in Milk

We have so many different kinds of pulaos,and i like the spicy kind most of the time.I created this recipe a day when my chicken curry got really spicy,so to balance the taste i made this one....If you want it more creamy add in more milk and ofcourse cream if you can handle it ! I sure can !
add cream 5 min before you dish out..

Saute mix veg in butter or ghee

add in pulao masala"homemade works best"

add milk to completely cover the veggies

cook on low flame till the milk dries up
it looks like a veg korma here..
also add in salt and green chili paste

add the rice,for this do not add basmati rice
the rugular kind gives this dish more taste

serve with a very very spicy gravy,it tastes fab

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