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Cooking videos in here
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Friday, 22 July 2011

Basic Chicken Gravy / Curry | No Fuss Chicken Curry |

This recipe is highly recommended when guests are over,the gravy is rich,the colour is great and the taste is simply delish.The best part about this dish is minimum oil and no cream yet the gravy is luscious.Its not that hard so do try it !
This recipe has 2 steps.
step 1 is making a spicy oil gravy then adding the chicken and 80% cooking the chicken in the gravy.
step 2 is adding the yogurt and onion smoothie and then cooking the chicken in it.
lets start cooking.....
it smells divine

we need
yogurt 1/2 cup
onion 1
spice powder- red chili,turmeric and corriander pwd
whole spice
corriander paste-(corriander blended with water)
almond soaked in water ,then skin removed

chicken marinated with yogurt,salt and turmeric

fry the onions till brown

mix with yogurt

make a smoothie

 Step 2.
Time to cook the chicken now,so before we put the chicken in the pan we need to make a spicy gravy to fry the chicken in and completely dry it...
This gravy is a basic gravy which can be used for any veg or non veg dish..
Check the gravy here>
add the marinated chicken in the spicy gravy

add the whole spices in the gravy,so the flavour is mild
when you add whole spices in hot oil the flavour gets strong.

add salt

saute the chicken so the gravy dries up

see no gravy can even eat the chicken like this
for a dry chicken dish...yummmmmmm

after the chicken has dried up add the yogurt and onion smoothie

peel the almond skin and add this

add the corriander paste,adding corriander paste to any dish gives it a
great aroma...better than chopped corriander

add in dried fenugreek leaves

it smells divine

goes best with naan !

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