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Cooking videos in here
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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Tastiest Paneer Parathas

My fav paratha is paneer,and i always serve it with just onions,no yogurt no pickle>you all should try it just like that.
       Biju's fav paratha is a sugar paratha,and he has it with loads of ghee and a big glass of milk,thats one of his weekend breakfasts...Here goes the recipe
eat away...

for the masala
ginger/garlic paste
corriander cut
cumin 1tsp
ajwain 1 tsp
green chilli to ur taste
chaat masala 1 tsp

use ur fingers or a fork to smash the paneer

tip for good parathas-never use too much oil for the masala

saute all the spices in the oil

it will get sticky once its all cooked

add the paneer

salt goes next

add the corriander leaves and cook another 5 min

let this mix cool down

roll out the dough to fill in the mix

add a lil mix

secure it from all the sides

there must be no openings when you close the dough

tip-always pat before you roll stuffed paratha

go slow when you roll

that looks ok?

cook on a hot pan

cook one side for a few sec then turn

ONLY Ghee or else its not worth it

ahhh shiny

not bad yeh

Lets make the sugar parathas...
same rule as paneer paratha..



just checking

see how it gets fluffy

sugar is melting....mmmmmmmmmmmmm

one is enough


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