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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Seriously Delicious Ice Cream Topping | Hot Ice Cream Toppings

Do you like Hot Ice Cream Toppings? Then keep reading.

I know it sounds strange when i say ice cream to burn your lips off...but it really happens...this recipe makes you impatient and u actually burn your mouth.

i hate eating my ice cream with no topping,it depends on the mood and what kind of last night i craved black grapes and it went on  vanilla ice cream ....sinFULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL....

This is a very easy recipe...and it tastes exotic (serves 2)

2 spoons butter
vanilla ice cream
2 tsp sugar
black grapes about 15

Heat the butter and add in the grapes,cook till all the colour oozZes out,bright purple is wot it looks like.

Then add in sugar cook for 5 min,mash a little bit.

Now keep your ice cream ready in a bowl. gently pour the Hot Buttery Grapes out of the pan and eat,yes dig in.THIS IS HOW U BURN UR TONGUE..but don't worry,after all these years eating this i'm still ok

Its just that you wont be the same again for a few hrs ,maybe..

P>S...this is what me and my baby sis Bittu used to eat late late night watching movies...

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