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Cooking videos in here
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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Salami Sandwich with Philadelphia Cream Cheese | Brown Bread Salami Sammy | Cream Cheese and Salami Sammy

A very simple Chicken Salami Sandwich with scrambled eggs was our breakfast today.

They also make dainty looking tea sandwiches,adding flavoured Cream Cheese or a Cheese Spread will
 make these tea sandwiches a real treat.

This is a very quick sandwich and can be made in no time,perfect for lunch box too..

15 min max to make this !
A great tasting Sandwich with Philadelphia Cream Cheese Recipe

you need
cream cheese
chicken salami
black olives

multigrain bread
this sandwich tastes great with brown or multigrain bread

lightly fry the salami

brown and crisp is how i like it

spread the cream cheese and add the chopped olives
Black Olives and Philadelphia Cream Cheese is a match made in heaven.
cover with the salami
and ur done....
Video for scrambled eggs CLICK LINK>>

 So there your Salami Sandwich is ready.

serve with eggs...have a good morning you all !

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