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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Tasty Veggie Burrito Recipe | Yummy Veg Burrito

This Awesome Burrito Recipe is a complete meal in itself..Lovely flavours and the melted cheese mixed with the stuffing, along with the rice in between is mouthwatering.

Non vegetarians you will not miss the meat in this Yummy Burrito,the filling is so yummy.

Here's the recipe for very Tasty Veggie Burrito !

I use a mix of wheat,corn meal and flour for the tortilla.

Home made Tortilla Recipe
1/2 cup wheat flour
2 tsp cup all purpose flour
2/3 tsp corn meal
1 tsp butter
salt to taste
warm water
make a dough by mixing everything,cover in cling for 1 hour before making the tortillas.
Now for the Tasty Burrito Stuffing Mix (serves 4)
1/2 onion
1 cup baked beans
1/2 cup corn
1/2 cup spring onions
2/3 tsp grated cabbage
coriander or Parsley

Spices3 tsp Mexican Spice Mix
1 tsp oregano
Pinch sugar
Salt to taste
small pinch chili flakes

> Cooked Rice 1/2 cup

> Any cheese of your choice (i prefer Mexican) and Mozzarella

Some yummy Mexican Salsa for a nice zing

Saute the above ingredients except the spices in butter (not more than 2 tsp ) for 5/7 min
then add less than half cup water and cover for 5 min.
Once the water dries up,add all the spices and mix well.

Stuffing is ready ! Yum

Now for Rolling the Burrito

Take your cooked tortilla and top it with some stuffing,then some salsa,a little bit of rice and cheese.
Roll it and secure with toothpicks or cover with paper.

Before serving cut them and serve in a platter,along with olives and sour cream.
Now your done,enjoy your Burrito !
For another Mexican Platter Meal view > Mexican Platter Meal

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  1. wow this looks super yummy and filling is so healthy!

  2. Wow Amrita. I had made these once ages ago They were somthing that I read about and was not sure abt the outcome.Thanks for the recipe will make one properly:)
    Thanks for linking it they are yum.

  3. Amazing! This is now going to be one more addition to my stable of snacks to please! I am one of the best matrimonial background check investigators in Mumbai. Yeah one of those rare female breeds in the Indian private investigation scene! The photos are spectacular and yummy especially your hand gripping the wrap! Love it! Gracias Muchos!


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