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Cooking videos in here
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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Assorted Uttapam Platter | Uttapam (Variety Thali)

A few restaurants serve Assorted Mini Uttapams Thalis so you get to taste the various toppings the restaurant offers,these Variety Thalis are really tasty and i just had to make my own.

I made 5 different Uttapam Toppings for breakfast and stuck to the standard size,i served it with tempered green chutney and and we had a Restaurant Style Uttapam Thali ready ! So easy too !

You can add more toppings of your choice,but i prefer the combinations of the ones i have made.

 Adding a lot of veggies or too many spices ruins the flavour of uttapams,it is best to keep it simple and let each one of your assorted uttapams taste different and also look different.

This Uttapam Platter can also be made for brunch or a tea party.If you are keen to impress your guests or family you can also make a live Uttapam or Dosa Counter using an electric stove in your dining room.

My You Tube Video on making Uttapams.Check it out !

 What i made :Start from the top middle to left
Plain Uttapam

Idly Podi Uttapam

Red and Yellow Capsicum Uttapam (mixed with coriander leaves and red chili)

Onion Uttapam

Cheese and Tomato Uttapam (use amul cheese for a true Indian taste)

                                                                    My Uttapam Toppings

Make sure you use well fermented dosa batter,the batter must also not be very runny.      

To cook Uttapams Please use only Ghee or Butter ! I add not more than 2 tsp,thats more than enough.

 Enjoy your Assorted Uttapam Platter.

Sent to Fast food not fat food

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