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Cooking videos in here
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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Chocolate Covered Kiwi's (Zespri Kiwi)

It is dessert time in mittu cooking love and i have something for you all.

Nothing exceptional,most of you have already given this a try,and if not then you can try this today.

I guess we are all used to the ever so tasty Chocolate covered Strawberrys,but i dare you to try the Chocolate covered Kiwis,love love love them.

They are such a treat,I bet these will be a great hit as a Dessert / Fondue

Last evening i got hold of some Zespri Kiwis and they happen to be my current favourite kiwi brand,something deliciously different these kiwis from New Zealand are.
I got mine from Waitrose,Dubai Mall.

Now for the recipe - Super Easy,just the basic fruit covered in chocolate method.

But use good quality chocolate and then you will have better results with this dessert,and of course get some Zespri Kiwis.

Serves 2 :
Time :10 min to prepare
30 min in the fridge to set the chocolate

Kiwi's - 2
White Chocolate -1/2 bar
Milk Chocolate - 1/2 bar
Butter or Oil - 1 tsp
Wooden sticks or Ice cream Sticks
Rice Crispies - 1/2 cup

Start by peeling the kiwis and cut them in thick circles,insert the sticks and you have Kiwi Flowers now.
Melt both the chocolates in individual bowls on a double broiler,add 1/2 tsp butter to each bowl.
Make sure the chocolate gets smooth and glossy.
Dip the kiwis in chocolate and sprinkle with rice crispies or keep it plain.
Insert them them in short glasses,stick side down and allow to chill.
Now your done !

 This one is White Chocolate Kiwis with Rice Crispies
 And here is the one with Milk Chocolate and Rice Crispies.
You may sprinkle with any topping of your choice and make these look colourful,i just stuck to rice crispies.
 I did just one side for this one.....
Cuz i wanted you all to see the beautiful kiwi and my Kiwi inspired Nails ~Smiles

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