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Monday, 17 September 2012

Tuna Stuffed Cherry Tomato (cute food) | Tastiest Stuffed Cherry Tomato Recipe

Do you like Tuna? Yeh? then you need to pop these darlings in you mouth for sure.So so so good !

What amazing flavours and so adorable to look at.I totally fell in love.

You will be pleased once you make these and this one is a sure hit for your next party.
It is the Tastiest Stuffed Cherry Tomato dish i have ever eaten till day,and also one of the cutest looking dish i have made.

In case you do not like tuna that much,you might become a fan after trying this out.

 I got this recipe from my favourite You Tuber named Ochikeron.This one is her award winning recipe.
More power to Ochikeron,she's the best.

My version of Cherry Tomato Stuffed with Tuna Melt and Rice Appetizer

 Keep 1/2 cup cooked rice ready before starting ,cool completely

      Use firm cherry tomatoes,wash well and pat dry.

Cut the top and scoop out the pulp,be gentle,careful not to tear the tomato flesh

All done,now lets make the stuffing. 

 You may add more spices and skip a few ingredients in this recipe,but for best results stick to the exact recipe.Also keep in mind to serve these freshly made.

                                         Pickle or Gherkin is what gives this dish that extra zing

   For 6 small cherry tomatoes
2 tsp boiled corn
2 tsp chopped onion fine
1 gherkin chopped fine
3 tsp tuna
4 tsp mayo
salt to taste
pepper to taste

 Mix well and keep aside for 2 min,now prepare the rice by adding regular vinegar or sushi vinegar

                                          Stuff the tomato with rice,just a little,not too much

                                                                 Now stuff the tuna melt

                                              Top with the cut tomato slice just before serving
                                          Cherry Tomato with Tuna Melt Appetizer is ready !!

 Do try this easy and delicious Cherry Tomato Party Appetizer and let me know if you like it.

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