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Monday, 24 September 2012

Best Tandoori Chicken Recipe | Homemade Tandoori Chicken

How to Make Restaurant Style Tandoori Chicken?
This is a very common thought in the minds of most home cooks,and when ever i used to grill chicken and attempt to make Tandoori Chicken i was never satisfied with the results,i always felt something was missing in the marinade or the meat was not grilled right.

Finally i got hold of this amazing recipe and my Tandoori Chicken tasted perfect,it is very simple and basic and you will be pleased with the results.

Keep reading for making Great Tandoori Chicken at Home.

This method always helps for getting juicy chicken with a lovely grilled exterior.

 1. When ever you decide to grill chicken,fish or lamb never ever add the marinated meat on to the baking tray to grill.Basically what you get is chicken pieces floating in their juices,which needs more grilling time to dry up the juices.
More griiling time means tough meat,and the marinade is burnt and all the flavour is gone.
Now is that Grilling? Of course not.

2. It is important to add it on the wire rack,with the baking tray below lined with foil, just like the pic below.
 This way the meat stays dry with proper heat distribution and this helps in getting perfectly grilled meat which is juicy from inside.
Also brush butter or oil every 10 min,this helps in getting a good flavour and also prevents the meat from drying too much.

3. Best part is all the extra fat drips down.woo hooo

4. Authentic Tandoori Chicken in Punjab-Pakistan never has food colour,i always skip it.
Look at the dripped fat after grilling,can it get more better?

 Recipe for Flavourful Tandoori Chicken 
(Adjust the spices according to your taste)

~ Use chicken thighs or a whole chicken.I used a whole 1 kg chicken.

~ Wash the chicken pieces well and marinate for 5 min with salt and few drops of milk,this remove the bad chicken smell.Wash again.

~ Make 2/3 cuts on the flesh and then completely dry it with a paper towel,drying it helps for the marinade to coat the chicken pieces.

Tandoori Marination
1 cup thick yogurt
4 tsp kashmiri red chili power
2 tsp garam masala
1 tsp pepper powder

Spice Paste
Make a paste with 10 big garlic cloves,1/2 inch ginger and 4 green chili's adding only 1 tsp of the yogurt,then add the tandoori marination listed above.
Do not add salt at this stage.
Blend again.
Never add too much yogurt while grinding pastes as it will get very watery.

> Add the Spice Paste to the rest of the yogurt and mix,now add salt,then strain it.
Marinate the chicken with this,best over night,but minimum 2 hours is important for the flavours to get mixed.

> After your done with marination lay them out as shown in the pic above.

> Grill for 25/30 min.Brushing with oil and turning the meat so it cooks evenly.

> Serve with lemon and corriander dip.

Easy right?

Now your done !


  1. Hi I am one of the best private detectives and investigators Mumbai. Yeah one of those rare female breeds in the Indian private investigation scene! I normally grill my chicken in my convection oven. So cooking time is usually less. I am going to try adding this paste and see how it turns out! Thanks so much for this.

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