Cooking videos in here

Cooking videos in here
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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Homemade Mexican Platter | Mexican Party Platter

Mexican rice on a sunny day,with salsa and tortilla chips topped with olives and sour cream ! Sounds good?
Read on if you wana make this quick meal,just follow my simple recipe~cooking this is easier than calling up for take away !

Lets cook "amigos"

you like?

i garnish the tortilla chips with some olives~

old habit of showing off ! (my son's pic on the top)

The beans need to soak over night so to make this you need prep time, then boil the next day adding salt...
Also boil rice and let it cool !
 For the platter we would need Tortilla chips and sour cream~with some Salsa'Check salsa recipe by clicking the link>

im using 2 kinds of beans

boiled and ready to go

for the rice-mexican seasoning
chicken boiled and crushed in a blender
bell pepper

make sure the chicken is dry ...squeeze any extra liquid if any

parsley and chili flakes also go in
i'v chopped the pepper and garlic~not too fine ok !

in a pan heat up olive oil and saute the garlic with the pepper
also add in the crushed chili and parsley

add the chicken

the beans go next,also add in a pinch of salt

Mexican seasoning ! smells great
toss in the rice~make sure each grain is coated

Serve with Salsa and tortilla chips !

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