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Monday, 15 August 2011

Kesar Sharbat Recipe - Saffron Lemonade

This drink has the colour of summer,and the taste is a blend of citrus and exotic things...What exotic things can a lemonade have??...Simply read on darlings.....
wish i had better lighting for the colour to be seen...

pic clicked at 6.45 pm

for this wonderful  lemonade you need
cardamom 4/5
powdered saffron or the strands

powder the cardamom pods and add it to a bowl

squeeze the lemon~ add a small pinch of saffron
add in the sugar with a pinch of Salt(dont skip the salt)
and cut the left over lemon skin and put it in the bowl for maximum flavour

let all this mix and get happy together for 2 hrs

after 2 hrs strain the mix
you can also store this in the freezer for later use

do not add too much saffron...a lil bit gives it that beautiful summer yellow colour

before serving add in lots of ice~keep the lemon slices in

and then your done...pour in a glass and enjoy
Can it get better? Saffron In Lemonade, it is a true match for sure..
You may also call it Exotic Lemonade.

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