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Cooking videos in here
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Monday, 15 August 2011

Date and Banana Milkshake - Healthy Energy Drink

We all know the iron content dates have in them,and the potassium in banana so why not mix them both and make a glass full of goodness,that is what i do at times and then i feel super...
Here is my recipe with a few toppings, they are a must Cuz when my food or drinks look pretty i get happy !
looks pretty?

1 big glass...for me

1 banana
few dates
toasted almonds
corn flakes
milk 1 cup

soak the dates (we need the soaked water to add to the shake later)
crush the corn flakes
chop the almonds

To make this
Blend everything except the cornflakes and almond....pour into a tall glass and top with
cornflakes and almonds....and your done !!!

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