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Cooking videos in here
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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Mix Veg Sabzi with Sesame Seeds | Gujarati Mix Veg Shaak

I can assure you this dish is full of different flavours,and that means there are lots of ingredients needed,but its totally worth it so plz don't ignore this recipe give it a shot...

This dish is a perfect blend of Sweet Salty and Spicy !
What a great way to eat all your veggies ! This one is a must try ...

Gujarati Mix Veg with Kichidi and Kadhi is the perfect combination.

looks ok?

sesame seeds give it a great crunch

potatoes cut in big chunks
coconut for garnish
coriander leaves

green chili

for paste
green chili paste
ginger garlic paste
brown sugar(yes its imp)
garam masala
red chili
salt 1 pinch

in a bowl mix the spices with ginger garlic and green chili paste

marinate the potatoes for 15min in this paste
also the toss the veg mix in a lil paste

temper the cumin ,green chili and ajwain

mix all the veg and saute for 5 min...add salt

brown a bit,then add water ...
cover and cook  till soft

let the water dry up completely ...
the veggies must be soft...add corriander leaves and toss
sprinkle seasme seeds and coconut

take a bite...

hope u all try !

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