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Cooking videos in here
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Saturday, 20 August 2011

Orange Cake in a Microwave | Orange Microwave Cake Recipe

I couldnt get enough of the lemon cake in a mircrowave, so i tried an orange cake ,and it was superb,now i dont take credit for it,the recipe is so damn easy,any one can do it !This cake was more spongy than the lemon cake.. I loved it !
lets start baking !

I followed the same recipe of the lemon cake ,if you missed it check this link
and plz check out the you tube video to see me do it !

cut big pieces....meow's

more spongy than the lemon cake...mmmmm

follow the same recipe,but instead of lemon rind you add orange rind
and squeeze a bit of the orange juice in

for bittu....

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