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Cooking videos in here
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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Tip for Perfect Shish Kebabs | Mint Shish Kebab making Tip | Tasty Chicken Sheesh Kebab

This Homemade Chicken Shish Kebab is a bit different from the regular Sheesh Kebab we make.

The spices and the mint together gives it a unique aroma and taste.And what makes it extra special is the dried fenugreek powder.It is a lovely recipe and comes out perfect every time.

Your gona love it..try it some day !

Don't forget to watch out for the Secret Tip To making Perfect Shish Kebab.

 Marinate boneless chicken with pepper,garam masala,kasori methi and salt for 2 hours...
in a blender add the marinated chicken,garlic and green chili to taste

SECRET TIP - For any Kebab
after grinding the chicken add a spoon of butter and blend once again
this is done for soft creamy kebabs

transfer to a bowl and now add mint leaves~cumin and red chili..

on wooden sticks shape into kababs and shallow fry till brown on all sides

serve on a bed of salad and onion rings

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