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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Microwave Cheesy Baked Beans on Toast | | Baked Beans on Toast with Cheese

We usually have Baked Beans as our week end brunch, I serve it with eggs, fruit and a big glass of orange juice . It makes me and Mr B (hubby) feel full and ready to hit the week end ...
So simple but ohhh so tasty !

I always try getting a different kind of bread so the flavours change and these Baked Beans never taste boring with the regular sliced bread.
Today we had them on a cut French Baguette with Cheese on top.

So here is the recipe for a 1 min Breakfast Recipe.
Cheesy Baked Beans On Toast made in a Microwave.


 Super easy breakfast made in 1 min.
the melted cheese tastes  heavenly with the beans

cut a baggutte or any kind of bread and butter it
then top with baked beans and add in any seasoning of your choice 

then place a cheese slice, sprinkle some pepper and microwave for 1 min
Even a 5 year old can try this recipe. Best part is your breakfast gets ready in 1 min.

Eat it warm !!!

So there was a delicious and quick breakfast made in only 1 min.

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