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Cooking videos in here
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Monday, 16 January 2012

South Indian Mutton Roast | Mutton Roast / Sukka | Spicy Mutton Roast

Mutton Roast made South Indian Style is a spicy and great looking starter,the colour is bright red and the taste is outstanding...
You cant go wrong in this recipe,its that easy.
It is best to use Mutton which is marinated so it gets soft after cooking.

Mutton Roast is a very popular dish and is made in most South Indian Non Veg Dish.

This can be made with chicken too...Must try for sure !


another party hit
pressure cook mutton with turmeric,red chili pwd,salt,curry leaf  and corriander pwd adding 2 cups water
cook it completely,once the steam goes remove it from the pressure cooker ..
do not throw the water left ...this is used later

special paste
onion 1
garlic 5/6
ginger 1/2 inch
kashmiri red chili 4
 After removing the cooked mutton (do not wash the pressure cooker) in the same cooker add oil and throw in some mustard seeds,curry leaf and cumin now add in the special paste and saute till cooked,do not brown it...
add the cooked mutton along with the left over water and saute...

this dish tastes good if a bit more oil is added than usual,so forget your diet when you make this
cook the mutton in this paste on low heat for 10/15 min till dry...

Eat way !!!
 Your Spicy Mutton  Roast is ready !

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