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Cooking videos in here
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Friday, 3 August 2012

How to make Mughlai/Shahi Gravy Paste | Rich Indian Gravy Paste

Making Gravy Pastes for Storing is a wonderful and easy way to cook any kind of rich dish if you are in a hurry.The creamy white gravy paste is used for shahi veg dishes,mostly for malai koftas and also for white meat based gravys.
The Brown Gravy Paste is used in most Punjabi and Mughlai gravy dishes.

Once you have these pastes ready and stored, life is so much easier in the kitchen and you are always ready to dish up something special for your family.

For the Shahi (white gravy) paste-
garlic 4
almonds 4(soaked then peeled )
cashews 4 (soaked 1 hour)
cardamom 2 pods
melon seeds 4 tsp(soaked 1 hour)
bay leaf 1
boiled onion 2
Grind all these ingrediants adding cold milk,add little milk at a time as the paste must be thick.
Store this in ice trays and use when ever you need some white gravy.

For the brown gravy
Fry onions till brown and drain well on napkins,then follow the same method for white gravy and then add the brown onions,grind all this till smooth.Your brown gravy is now ready.
Happy cooking you all.
i always write the date when i store things,you must too

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