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Cooking videos in here
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Monday, 27 August 2012

Indian Corn Gravy / Curry | Corn on the Cob Curry | Makai Curry

Delicious Corn On The Cob Curry/Gravy or must i say Makai Curry/Gravy is not something i cook often.

I saw this recipe last month and made it twice already.At first i was not sure on how the taste would be,and yes you guessed right it turned out fantastic.

We had this with steamed rice and the gravy was perfectly absorbed with the corn,and was fun to eat too.

As promised i would only post the easiest and tastiest recipes made in my kitchen,so read on you all on for Tasty Corn on the Cob Curry aka Makai Curry (Gravy).
Please Please try this asap.

Make sure you find fresh corn, on the cob of course.
Cut them in 2/3 pieces and marinate with salt,lemon juice and turmeric for 15 min.
It needs to be marinated,no excuse for that.

Onion Paste Mix
blend 2 onions with 4-5 garlic,2 green chili, 1 tsp cumin seeds,2 cardamom,1 bay leaf and a small piece ginger.

Dry Spices/Masala 
 1 tsp garam masala,1 tsp red chili powder,1 tsp turmeric powder,1 tsp kitchen king masala and a pinch hing

For making the gravy thick - Gravy Mix
Roast 2 tsp gram flour till light brown
3 tsp roasted and powdered peanut powder
The Gravy i am going to show can be used to prepare any other veg dish.
This recipe is a real keeper.

This dish will turn out best if made in a pressure cooker,so use it if you have it.

In butter or ghee add hing then the onion paste
Saute till pink and saute on low heat,then add the dry spices
Cook for 5 min,then add the gravy mix
Now add salt and the marinated corn

 Coat the corn with the masala paste and then add 2 cups water
Pressure cook for 2/3 whistles and now your almost done !

Before serving add 4/5 tsp cream so the gravy gets a creamy taste and lovely pale colour.
No excuse again you just  have to add the cream.

Then garnish with coriander leaves and your yummy Corn On The Cob Curry is ready !

                                                                         Serve Hot !!

add less water if you want it dry
 If you wonder on what to do with corn on the cob? then try this Indian Style Corn dish,you will love it !


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