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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Best Suji / Sooji Halwa Recipe | Indian Semolina Sweet Dish | Festival Sooji Halwa Recipe

This is my no 1 Recipe for Suji / Sooji  Halwa,I call it The Worlds Best Halwa.

It is actully a recipe i got from a halwa maker,i also got his secret tip,something which many took me by surprise.So glad i got it,it made a world of a difference for my Suji Halwa.
This Halwa is a must try and you will stick to this recipe after you taste it.

It is a Unique Suji Halwa taken to another level,seriously.
Perfect for any Indian Festival as a Prasad or simply make it when you crave some Semolina Sweet made Indian Style,Desi Style.

After you make this your house will smell like a mithai shop so watch out !
Also read on to find out whats the Secret Tip for making this Halwa !


big spoon full !

1/2 cup suji(semolina)

1/2 cup ghee(you may add 1/2 cup)

1 cup water


cardamom pwd

what makes this halwa special?
3 tsp besan(gram flour)
less than half cup white sugar
2/3 tsp brown sugar
follow this recipe to get the ultimate halwa flavour !

melt ghee

on a low flame brown the suji,be patient

it takes 10 min to brown
then mix in the besan,saute on low heat again

you will get a great aroma by now

mix in the sugars and saute 5 min

add in 1 cup hot water ,to this also add in a tiny pinch salt,
salt gives a balance to any sweet dish
keep the flame low

let the water dry slowly...
see the beautiful colour of the halwa...thats what we want !

serve warm !
nothing beats this halwa !
Vardhinis Diwali Bash

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