Cooking videos in here

Cooking videos in here
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Monday, 6 February 2012

Palak Mutton Curry (in pressure cooker) | Palak Gosht Recipe | Saag wala Mutton

Watch me make this dish on my you tube channel 1dobermum
Click the link to view Mutton Palak Curry

Spinach and Mutton is a great combination,this dish can be made in no time if a pressure cooker is used.
The meat gets soft and falls of the bone and all the spices get happy together,this is my husbands favourite mutton dish.Its best to marinate it overnight then cook it for best results.

I always cook this dish in a pressure cooker to make my life easier and the taste is perfect everytime.

So do try this yummy Palak and Mutton Curry.

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