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Cooking videos in here
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Monday, 13 February 2012

Exotic Coffee Recipe | Romantic Coffee Drink | Exotic Drink Recipes

The Perfect Lovers Drink
Exotic Spiced Coffee

This Exotic Coffee Drink lives up to its name,the aroma and taste is really unusual which gives it that Exotic touch to any Coffee !

It is a must have on Late Nights or Date Night when you just wanna feel cosy and warm.

If you need to impress your Date / Husband / Boyfriend then try this Drink.So basically it is a Romantic Drink with a blend of Exotic Spices

This Coffee has a mix of Arabic and Indian Influence and is made on cold nights.

Enough talking,just check out the recipe.You need to try it !

                     Do watch me make it by clicking the link for the ingredients and you tube video

                               Romantic and Exotic Coffee Recipe

Spiced Coffee At Its Best

I found this really interesting article on this site,do take a peek in 15 things about coffee

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