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Cooking videos in here
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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Coconut Frappuccino Recipe | Frappuccino with Coconut |

Extra Special Frappiccino Recipe with Coconut is really easy to make in your own kitchen,

My recipe is super tasty as i add in 1 or 2  Ferraro Refallo to give a slight hint of almond and coconut flavour.It tastes heavenly.

So so so good,better than any coffee shop for sure.

This Frappuccino with Ferraro Reffallo is sure to impress! Give it a try now !

love it
 Watch my video on how to make it and also the ingredients

Easy homemade Coconut Frappuccino 
take a sip

you may add some chocolate syrup on top if you want,but i give that a skip

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