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Cooking videos in here
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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Lemon and Chicken Pilaf / Pulao | Zesty Chicken Pulao with Lemon Slices

Your going to love the flavour of this pulao,the Chicken is so Zesty and this dish is also really light on your tummy.It tastes buttery and the aroma is fabulous.

If you dont like it mild,just add in a bit more chili flakes or chili pwd.

Green chili or garam masala can also be added to your taste !

Do try this yummy pulao recipe.

 we need chicken marinated with yogurt,garlic,salt and red chili...marinate overnight for best results !

in a non stick pan add olive oil and brown chicken for 5/8 min
remove and keep aside !
for the pulao
lemon cut in circles
chili flakes

in the same pan the chicken was cooked,add the onion and spices along with the lemon
cook till onions and lemon circles are soft,add some salt and toass chicken back in
add very little water and cook on a low heat till chicken is cooked

once the chicken is cooked spread with cooked rice and butter on top
cover with a lid for 10 min on very low heat,then mix

now your ready to eat !

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