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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Tastiest Cheesy Garlic Bread Ever | Garlic Bread with Cheese

If your looking for the perfect cheesy garlic bread recipe your in the right place.
I have tried tons of recipes for getting hold of the perfect garlic bread and most of them ended up with the cheese getting too dry on top and some lacked the creamy cheesy texture which I feel is so important to achieve.

This recipe will show you how to get the cheese moist and bubbly with a buttery creamy taste so you get fabulous cheesy garlic bread to die for.

So here is my way of making these babies.

What you need :

1 French baguette
grated mozzarella - depends on how cheesy you want it
chopped coriander (optional)
2 tbsp. mayo (not to miss this)
4 tbsp. butter
2 tsp olive oil
a pinch salt
6 cloves garlic freshly chopped
2 tsp or more Italian seasoning to sprinkle on top

> Start by melting the butter and olive oil, make sure you do not melt the butter for more than a 60 sec on the stove.
Immediately add the chopped garlic into the butter and remove from the heat, the butter will keep melting with the heat of the pan. Add in salt and a little bit of the chopped coriander now.

> You may cut the loaf in half and spread the garlic butter on it or you can even cut the loaf diagonally like I did.

I had a little helper today while making these, my friends little angel Ishita, she did a great job by helping me brush the garlic butter on the bread, such a doll she is !
Brush each slice with the garlic butter mix, use a pastry brush and brush on all sides.
Grill at 180c for 5/7 min or 10 min if you like it more toasted.
While the bread is in the oven mix the mayo, cheese and coriander.

After 7 min  in the oven top the bread with the cheese and mayo mix.
 Grill at 200 c for 7/10 min till the cheese is melted and bubbly.
Keep an eye as you do not want the cheese to burn.
 You may add chives, olives, paprika and even onions to the mayo and cheese mix. It all depends on what you are in the mood for.
Once they are done sprinkle some mixed Italian seasoning while they are still piping hot and serve immediately. I told you it is simple !!! Do try it, I'm sure you will love it.

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