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Cooking videos in here
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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Yam Fry Kerala Style | Veg Starters from Kerala | Yam Fry with Coconut

I made Tasty Yam Fry for the first time and loved the taste & if your on a non veg food break try making this,you wont miss chicken.

Yam Fry or Yam Roast is a popular Kerala Starter and is made when you wish to skip non veg food.

It tastes great and the tempering for this Spicy Yam Fry is mouthwatering.
you need
yam cut in big squares--marinate with ginger garlic,salt, turmeric and gram flour

tempering--mustard seeds,curry leaf,green chili,chana daal and coconut


after marinating the yam for 20 min,deep fry them till crispy..keep aside..
in a pan add all the tempering spices with a pinch of salt  and add the yam pieces,toss and garnish with your done ! Serve Hot...

delish !!

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