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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Easy Gulab Jamun Recipe | Simple and Easy Gulab Jamun

I can never eat gulab jamun if its not made by my mama,not from a shop,not from any one's house and honestly not even my own.I have no reason for this.It sure is very strange.

Now you are wondering why i posted Gulab Jamuns in my post,so here's what happened.
My hubby never asks me to make anything special and today when he did for the first time, he asked me for Gulab Jamuns.I was not sure but then thinking of him i did.I had to.

Shockingly it turned out great,all thanks to this recipe.It is really easy and plz note,this is not my mamas recipe...I shall post her amazing recipe soon!
MY TRIAL RECIPE ! And what a success.

looks ok???
 So for making Soft Gulab Jamuns you need
This recipe makes 10 balls

milk pwd 1/2 cup
rawa(semolina) 1 tsp
flour 2/3 tsp
baking soda 1 tsp
milk to bind

mix everything
and also make the sugar syrup

for sugar syrup
2 cups water ,
1 1/2 cup sugar,cardamon 2/3 crushed
and rose water
boil for 10/15 min

the dough must be mixed with gentle strokes and must not be sticky
then make rounds,cover with a napkin so they dont dry out

fry on a low heat so the inside is cooked well

be patient,keep moving them so they brown evenly

this is the colour we remove from flame and cool for 5 min(IMP)
then add them to the syrup and allow to soak for 2 hrs

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