Cooking videos in here

Cooking videos in here
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Friday, 21 October 2011

Himalayan Saag Paneer | Himalayan Saag (greens)

I watched this food show which had recipes from the himalaya,they looked so tasty and full of goodness.
I could not wait to try it,and last night i tried the saag they had shown,me and hubby loved it,i plan to make it a lot more for the must too
Any green veg can be used for this...I have used half bunch spinach and half a bunch fenugreek leaf...
Mustard greens or radish greens can also be used...

in a pan saute 4/6 crushed garlic pods and green chili with cumin seeds in ghee or butter
then add the greens which have been washed and chopped cook this on a low heat and add
a pinch garam masala and cook on a low heat...
add paneer and cover with a lid so the paneer absorbs all the flavour and turns soft

cooking this on a low heat brings out a great flavour...
serve with parathas

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