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Cooking videos in here
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Friday, 19 October 2012

Indian Diet Meal (Thali) | Low Fat Indian Diet Dinner

I was on a holiday and for 12 days all i did was eat,eat and ya eat some more.And then it happened i realised my super duper binge feast is showing on my skin after i saw a few pimples.
This is the warning my skin is going crazy and it needs help,and then i decided to get my system back on track,what i mean is eat healthy.

I always believe you can never be on a permanent diet and if your like me and feel eating and cooking food is true love then detox by eating lots of pulses,fruits and veggies,also go gluten,meat and fat free and in a few days your set.

This low fat Indian diet Meal i made is a great way to start,when i say diet it does not mean no spices and no flavour.Do you think i can ever do such a thing?
I just skip the oil and instead of wheat rotis i make a rice and bajra roti.

Try it,you will love it.
Look below for what i made for my Low Fat Indian Diet Meal.

From left :

Green Gram Sabzi
Green Gram soaked for 4 hours,then pressure cooked with turmeric,onion,salt and green chili for 1 whistle
Once it is cooked,toss with cumin powder and chopped coriander.

Plain Low Fat Yogurt

Apple Slices with Chaat Masala
Cut apples then sprinkle with chaat masala.

Rice and Bajra Roti
Mix Bajra and Rice Powder with salt and chopped onions,then add in hot water little at a time and mix.Cover for 10 min.
After 10 min dust your palm with some rice powder,take a dough ball and form a circle pressing gently on plastic wrap so it does not stick.
Cook on a non stick pan,then cook on direct flame.
Now your done.

Onion and Lemon for extra flavour.

Thats it,it is easy and tastes lovely too.Healthy too.

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